So Today It Begins!

So today it begins.  A bit of my life becoming, oh, so public, as I endeavor to share my experiences and journey as a woman going through kidney failure.  I won’t lie.  It’s been the roughest time of my life.  I still smile and strive to make the best of it, but there, in the dark recesses of my mind I worry and wonder what will become of me and my life.

Just over a year ago I suddenly went into the Emergency Room for kidney failure.  What a shocking and life-altering event!  Time has flown by, and I never would’ve dreamed that I’d be a dialysis patient, surrendering 14 hours per week, every week, to being confined to a vinyl chair to keep me alive.

I’ve researched, studied, and weighed out my options for recovering.  Doctor, doctors, and more doctors:  none with an answer as to why my kidneys failed in the first place.  No underlying cause has been found.  I have my theories, but more on that another time.

How to keep living a full life?  My choice?  I’ve decided to get an autologous stem cell treatment.  The amount of research, study and treatments in the field are impressive and hopeful.  I believe that stem cell treatments will forever change the face of medicine across our little blue planet.

Now I have to raise the funds for treatment.  Paypal and YouCaring seem to be the best choices.  Widgets, profiles, accounts, descriptions, and postings have become my new projects.  I’m almost all done setting it up.

My prayers to make a complete recovery continue…..