Pass It On: Media

To my delight and surprise, my story has gone global.  I really wish for the conversation about stem cell medicine to be reopened in America, along with how stem cells from one’s own body can heal damage from different medical conditions and illnesses.  Doctors, scientists, and researchers from around the world are woking hard to gather data and prove results.  Perhaps some types of stem cell treatments should be reclassified by the FDA?

On October 3, 2012, I interviewed with NBC Nightly News.  As of today (1/18/2013) they released my interview on their website – THANK YOU NBC! It’s a good piece, and some day perhaps they will air my story on television as well. Stem cell medicine is changing the lives of many people, and the research and clinical studies are increasing at a rapid rate. Many good stories never make it on the air, especially medical breakthroughs. I realize that people are following my progess via this blog, and hopefully in the near future it will include the news that I am completely off of dialysis.

Here is the direct link to my interview with NBC:

If you’d like more detailed information about possible treatments, then you may contact me directly at (805) 687-4032 or via email to You’ll also find information on the “Treatment Options” tab on this blog.

The stream of your comments and questions has been amazing.  I have created a public Facebook page, called “Jennifer’s Story” to address questions, since many of you are wondering about the same things.

I hope that through the media, my story results in helping as many people as possible and advances success in the field of stem cell medicine.


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