About Jenny

Hiya!  Thanks for stopping for a peak at my journey.

My overdeveloped sense of humor has been my survival gear throughout this medical mayhem.  Prior to kidney failure, I might try to filter my humorous anecdotes or quiet my loud laughter.  I’ve spent many years learning to laugh at myself, and I’m proud to say I’ve come close to mastering this art.

While the two adult stem cell treatments that I had were helpful and led to partial recovery of more kidney function, a serious septicemia infection almost took my life in December of 2013.  More damage was caused to my kidneys, and I lost all the ground I gained from the treatments.

My current focus in on getting a kidney transplant, and I’m reaching for the golden ring:  a Living Donor.  My hope is to find a Living Donor and participate in a clinical study involving transplant with stem cells.  I’m approaching it all with optimism, and new ways to achieve my goal and educate others about the advancements in being a Kidney Donor.

To follow and help me along, check out the tab for fundraising, and my public page on Facebook:  “Jennifer’s Story”.

Hospital Tidbits:  “You will be weighed, you will be measured.”  That plastic thing you put under the toilet seat, to collect and measure your urine output, is called a “hat”.  Yes, you can take it home as a souvenier of your hospital staycation.  People come in all shapes and sizes, but hospital gowns don’t.  Now I truly understand where the term “prick” comes from.  Where else can you stay, that you’ll be watched over when you sleep, receive room service, get help finding things you’ve misplaced, have an inside look at what makes you tick, enjoy an endless supply of pre-warmed blankets, and be escorted out with most of  your bill paid by someone else?

I feel blessed to have a chance to share my journey with you.  Thank you for your prayers, love, healing thoughts, and support!

Life is like a rollercoaster ride.  Full of twists & turns.


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  1. Max Kruschka
    Aug 23, 2012 @ 23:07:57

    Your story has such meaning and the gift that you been given is awsome. Your story has enspired me. I really hope that your treatment goes great for you so you can live a normal and healthy life so that you can help others who need it. Truly amazing for what you have shared about yourself.


  2. Ken
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 12:34:44

    Wish you all the best and good luck in the world. I hope one day stem cell therapy can give me my vision back in my left eye. My thoughts and wishes are with you.


  3. richard solomsom
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 13:00:16

    best of luck >>>>>>>


  4. Julie Thomas
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 13:13:05

    I was totally moved by your story. I usually skim thru the yahoo news and pick and choose what I read…and I for some reason I immediately read yours. How amazing is fate and God?! I’m not a holy roller by any means, in fact I just recently started back at church. I’m a raised Catholic going to Baptist. Many differences, but all the same. Last weeks sermon the preacher said, “How many of you only speak to god when you are in need of help or struggling?” Hhhmmmm…..good question. I, for one, am guilty. Rarely do we ever just thank him for the simplicities in life daily. Thank you for the food on our table, thank you for the shirt I have to put on today, thank you for the water to bathe in or thank you for the milk I have to put in my cereal or the brush I have to brush my hair. You are truely a blessed woman. And you are a fighter. A true inspiration to me. You didn’t just give up when you were told you weren’t a candidate. You fought for your life and were determined to raise the money. God brought you Ty-Warner that day. He is your angel. Best of luck to you. And many, many years of happiness. 🙂


  5. J Ballew
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 13:24:37

    Good Luck.


  6. Nancy
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 13:26:46


  7. Ronea Wood
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 14:17:02

    My Thought and Prayers are with you, what a wonderful thing TY did he truely is Amazing,Maybe he can make a fund raiser Beanie baby I would by it to put with all the others I have that I stood in line for for hours.Will Pray daily for your recovery,God Bless


  8. Sheryl
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 14:39:10

    I wish you all the luck. I admire you and your courage. You are an inspiration to everyone. I have two people close to me that are on dialysis and we need to know more about the stem cell as well


  9. Caasi Tica
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 15:07:21

    Hi Jenny! I just saw your story on Yahoo! and it was an amazing experience for you! God bless!


  10. Writer L.M. Cox
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 15:09:51

    Good luck to you Jenny. I hope your are well soon.–Writer L.M. Cox


  11. ShMiFeng
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 16:44:56

    What a Heart-warming Story. Faith (I should know) is a very strange thing. It happens when you are least expecting it, but it will change your Life forever. Hope your Treatment is a success and leave you many..many enjoyable/worry-free years to come. Bless Mr. Warner for such a great/loving thing he did.


  12. chad
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 21:49:46

    very beautiful story need more people like ty and jennifer in the world


  13. kanonaki3
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 23:23:43

    Jennifer, I’ve just read your story and I’m overwhelmed. I wish you a speedy recovery and a wonderful life ahead. From now on I will pray for you the Jesus prayer that Mount Athos monks taught me. Lots of love, Antonia, Greece.


  14. Mary Pat Payette
    Aug 25, 2012 @ 05:58:20

    Jenny, Your optimism is refreshingly infectious. Your personality in this blog matches the adorable picture posted on Yahoo! which introduced me to your story. I am renewed by the hope Ty showed by acting on a “call” to his heart and reaching out to you. I wish you all the best, and safe travels. Sending hugs from Minnesota!


  15. Chastidy
    Aug 25, 2012 @ 06:10:22

    I am so happy for you! When are you getting it or have you already gotten the procedure done?


  16. Caroline
    Aug 25, 2012 @ 06:21:04

    Your writing is beautiful and you shine through it as a beautiful person as well as I can see how you share your soul. Thank you for sharing this to all, you are an inspiration indeed. I have my own things I go through, although not like yours, and even in the midst of my turmoil, I see in you, a brighter future. You are a blessing to us all as well. You have absolutely floored me (just long enough to get me going). Thanks again! 🙂


  17. Rita Youngs-Simon
    Aug 25, 2012 @ 08:20:05

    Bless you, you have met your Angel on Earth. Thank you TY. Get well my new friend.


  18. Sean
    Aug 25, 2012 @ 22:32:33


    I stubmled upon your blog through a news website.
    What an incredible journey it must have been for you.
    God is amazing, isn’t He? 🙂

    I will make sure to keep you in my prayers!


  19. lulu
    Aug 25, 2012 @ 22:58:39

    God bless you. Such a wonderful story. Good things really happen to good people.


  20. Cathy
    Aug 26, 2012 @ 05:16:47

    Jennifer, I am very happy for you and will be following your journey. I pray you have a full recovery. My husband has kidney failure and stem cell would be a blessing. If only we had it here is the USA and it was affordable would so many lives change , so we could escape this nightmare we live everyday. I will keep praying for this day and looking forward to hearing you have made a full recovery.


  21. Carlee Dahl- Lightel
    Aug 26, 2012 @ 12:10:56

    Namaste. Reading your story has been a gift. I sat here this morning, mesmerized by your blog entries, teary-eyed with relief, and overwhelmed with renewed faith in humanity. I understand your humor. Sometimes people in my life are irritated with me for behaving similarly… except I’ve never had my life threatened on such a level. The same people have commented that I always seem happy, content. The response: it’s all in my head. Perception, prayer, positive visualization, believing that the universe is conspiring to gift us all with wonders beyond any of our limited human expectations…. I see that spirit inside you, and despite the many obstacles you’ve had to face, you are continuing to perservere. May your long life continue to be blessed with an abundance of all that is good. Thank you again for sharing your story. ❤


  22. Beatriz
    Aug 26, 2012 @ 19:54:48

    All the best to you.


  23. Douglas Marr
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 06:24:43

    Angels always watch over us, I have CML I have been trying to raise awarness on Stem Cell Donors in Canada. Its funny how people can only do is tilt there head say aww, shake my hand and say good luck. Today marks 5 years for having CML, and still no Donor for me. I take a drug that that keeps my white blood cells in check. With your permission I would like to post your story on Face Book. Its time to “WAKE UP” the World and get people involved.
    Cochrane Alberta


  24. Paul
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 10:56:53

    Jennifer, I have a friend who has just recently experienced kidney failure. How can she get more information about the procedure or where she can go for the treatment?


  25. Helen Titizian
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 23:08:31

    I applaud you Jennifer for your courage, and kindness in sharing your story.
    I pray for you, and I strongly believe that you will be totally freed from the
    dialysis machines in the near future. Much love, Helen Titizian


  26. Larry Hulack
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 13:10:01

    I too underwent stem cell therapy on 8/15/12 in Trinidad for chronic kidney
    disease(CKD,stage 4) not on dialysis as yet). As with you, I was impressed
    with Dr K and with the staff and treatment. It is now 3 months and results
    are mixed. My pallor has improved, blood pressure is better, energy is good.
    However, my creatinine and GFR readings have slipped. Dr Al says to
    be patient, that improvement could take up to 6 mos. I maintain a positive
    attitude and have recommended the clinic to two friends (one with multiple
    myeloma, the other with severe spinal arthritis). Plse keep all of us
    posted on your progress. Your positive attitude is remarkable. God bless you.


  27. Myron Winston
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 05:49:48

    Jennifer, This is all so amazing. Any update?


  28. Kristin Regina
    Jul 30, 2014 @ 08:09:49

    Dear Jenny — your blog jumps from Stem Cell collection in Dec 2013 to a near-death relapse? in July 2014 … what is going on ? Any update ?


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