Generosity of a Stranger

At this point in my life, it is firmly my “intuition” that guides me.  That’s what led me to drive to pick up my mail after getting off the sailboat.  I’d spent my day cooking, tolerating dialysis for 3 hours, then back to more cooking and prepping for my first local fundraiser.  Exhaustion didn’t deter me.  After opening the little door I saw a handwritten envelope mingled in with the other more mundane rectangles.  The sender’s address was unfamiliar to me.  I took my prize back to my car and carefully tore along the edge with my finger.  Inside a personal note accompanied a donation to my medical fund.  Tears filled my eyes, as I felt overwhelmed by the generosity of this stranger, who had jotted down a few kind words.  I felt my heart being impacted:  it’s another moment from the last year, which I’ll never forget.  It marked the first time a stranger mailed in a donation, to help give me a chance at living a life free of beeping machines, ongonig tests, and being connected to plastic tubes to survive.

Again, it is my intuition pointing me in the right direction.  Beyond the volumes of scientific and medical data on stem cell treatments, I believe stem cell medicine is the right choice for me.  While I might have to convince family, some of my friends and those in my community about the successes and potential of this type of treatment, I didn’t have to convince this stranger.  The generosity and kindness of strangers has gotten me through some truly rough moments.  My gratitude goes out to the strangers, who are coming into and forever impacting my life.  Thank you so much!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pcarlaw
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 20:41:59

    How inspiring! Where can we make a donation if we don’t live nearby?


  2. Mel Friedman
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 13:04:55

    A real heart-warming story. What an upbeat person this Jennifer is. She deserves all the best and I hope her stem cell treatment is a big success.


  3. Toni Zegarelli-Piercy
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 16:36:24

    What a wonderful ending for you! I am a true believer in Karma and I am sure you are a wonderful person and were owed some good Karma back your way. I think its wonderful that there are still kind people in the world that give from their hearts such as this wonderful man! God Bless you through your journey and God Bless Ty Warner for being such a generous soul and a man of his word!


  4. irshad ahmed khan - pakistan
    Aug 25, 2012 @ 00:57:40

    and heart touching
    God helps those who help themselv


  5. Rita
    Aug 25, 2012 @ 07:41:42

    GOD is Good! He has great plans for you Jennifer!


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